Right for everyone
Camping-Prices 2020

As different as each of our guests as flexible and different are our offers.
All rates are per night, incl. Shower in the washhouse.

adults 6,80 EUR
children from 4. up to 14. years 3,80 EUR

Pitch / Night

motorcaravan 12,00 EUR
car & caravan 10,00 EUR
accommodation pitch PKW 10,00 EUR
tent and bicycle from 7,50 EUR
accommodation panoramaposition additional 1,50 per day EUR
tent and PKW from 9,00 / 11,50 EUR
motorcycle / car 2,00 EUR
electricity KW/h per day pro KW/h 0,76 EUR
plus service fee (1x) 1,00 EUR
garbage fee per night and pitch 1,30 EUR
animal/  dog 2,00 EUR

Awning included

Shower included

Day guests please register in at the reception!

adults 1,50 EUR
children 1,00 EUR
Version February 2020 – Subject to alterations!

Check out before 12:00 o’clock